It has long been suspected by various people within the ORMUS community that use of the so called “high-spin” or M-state induces changes in the individual far beyond the sensorium. Early on I had seen on several postings on, the website run by Barry Carter, that there was electroencephalograph (eeg) evidence that ingestion of certain commercial products containing ORMUS induced whole brain synchronization in completely inexperienced people. This caught my attention, as I had been using binaural beat technology from The Monroe Institute for several years.

I heard Barry Carter speak at Wesak at Mount Shasta, and I could not wait to return home and try the magnetic vortex traps he described on the water from the mountain spring which collects in my springbox down the hill. I purchased a Winter sink trap online and began to produce trap water that had the greasy metallic taste and look of ORMUS water described online, and began to experiment with the traps and the magnets. It ended up producing magnetic trap water which gave Barry “the whirlies." He is a man who has had every available commercial product and who considers himself immune and bulletproof. But this is a story about ORMUS, not the traps we make, except to say that all of this has been done with the magnetic vortex trap water we make with our traps. I have taken many, many commercial preparations costing many dollars, but have used trap water almost exclusively since mid 2005. I should say by way of background that I have meditated several times a week for twenty or so years and have a long seeking spiritual background.

I attended the Gateway Voyage at The Monroe Institute in June, 2004. Robert Monroe wrote several books about out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and studied and developed the process which had been discovered by Dove in the 1830's. It was found in the 1800's that when two different tones are played in the ears, the brain will literally create a third tone (the following tone) from the difference between the two original tones, and that the brain can come in to full synchronization as a result. This is to say that the left and right hemispheres and frontal lobes produce synchronized rhythms in unison, and that this effect spreads to the midbrain and brainstem as well such that the entire brain is lit up and harmonized energetically. Several layers of different tones can be produced for combinations, such as “mind awake, body asleep.” Advanced meditators and psychics, healers and out-of-body all could be “recorded” doing their thing, and through reverse engineering a customized whole brain state of synchronization could be produced at will. But this is not a story about The Monroe Institute or out-of-body experiences, except to say that I state without a doubt in my mind, ORMUS enhances and facilitates such experiences.

I recently was “recorded” with a 22 lead eeg while I ingested a 12 ounce glass of my magnetic trap water. Within minutes of ingestion of the glass of trap water I was in a deep alpha rhythm with spikes of beta. Alpha is associated with deep relaxation and beta with alertness; in Monroe parlance this “mind awake, body asleep” is called Focus 10. Rather than producing such a state in a darkened isolation booth with my eyes closed, I was sitting at the table having a conversation about my intention in the session. We decided to continue with eyes open, sitting at the table. With some concentration, I was recorded in deep delta rhythm in both hemispheres and my frontal lobes producing minute-long spikes of gamma. Delta is the rhythm of deep sleep and meditation, and gamma spikes (even faster than beta) have been observed in individuals who have meditated for forty years, eight hours a day. Such individuals typically produced twenty or thirty second-long spikes of gamma. I was able to carry on a conversation simultaneously, though I felt somewhat phased out of my physical body as if I was having awareness of both my physical self and my energetic self at the same time ("interdimensional" is the word). Such rhythms persisted for as long as an hour, with spikes of gamma lasting for as long as three and a half minutes. This was shown to a sleep researcher, who pronounced it , "Impossible!" Then he saw it happen in his lab. This has recently been repeated in another individual (39 year old female) with similar results from 12 ounces of trap water.

After a small earlier study, which was limited (not statistically significant) and was not a double blinded study, I recently this repeated the experiment and corrected the shortcomings.

Twelve people were randomly selected (ticket stub drawing) from among those attending a two day "Whole Life Live Expo" event at a conference center in Atlanta, the only condition being that theywould return the next day for a second session.

Magnetic trap water was bottled up into 12 of 24 identical bottles and commercial "spring water" purchased at Wal-Mart was in the other 12 bottles. This was done by people I do not know, friends of friends who agreed to perform this task. They assigned randomly chosen three digit numbers to each sample and mailed the handwritten key by snail mail to my post office box. I did not know which water bottled contained what water, nor did the people who handled the water at any time aware of the details of the experiment.

The twelve people were asked to select a bottle from the 24, all in an ice cooler, all identical in physical appearance except for the number written on the cap. They were connected to a three channel electroencephalograph (EEG) with scalp electrodes. Finger clips which monitor heart rate variability (HRV), skin temperature (ST), and skin resistance (SR) were also connected. A commercial computer program monitors these channels, and indicates when there are changes which its program identifies as synchronization of the hemispheres of the brain, essentially whole brain balance and coherence.

After consuming the water, they sat, monitored, for 45 minutes. Some read, some listened to i-Pods, some chatted with me or with friends, two ate, a few meditated. Subjective written questionnaires reflected comments ranging from feeling "relaxed" to "very tired and hung over", and one woman thought she saw the water glowing. The test group consisted of five men and seven women with ages ranging between 19 and 65.

Once correlated with the water, the results were as follows:

3 individuals picked tap water both days, and 3 picked trap water both days. 9 people picked trap water one day and Wal-Mart water the other.

Coherence patterns and changes in HRV/ST/SR associated with expanded energetic states as identified/defined by the computer program were demonstrated in 2 of the 3 who were to receive the trap water both days on day one. All 3 demonstrated these changes on day two. Of the all Wal-Mart water group, one of three demonstrated these changes on day one, none of them on day two.

In the other nine individuals who had picked trap water on one day and Wal-Mart water on the other-- 7 of the 9 showed coherence after drinking trap water and none of those 7 from the Wal-Mart water. One of the 9 showed coherence on both days, on both Wal-Mart and trap water, and the other one of the 9 had no coherent patterns with either trap or Wal-Mart water.

This is a tiny group and would not be considered statistically significant. The group is admittedly somewhat less than random as they were attending a New Age Expo and were at least open to the concepts, and their activities in the monitoring period were so varied. Nonetheless, I would conclude that magnetic trap water can change the EEG in predictable ways in the majority of individuals. Whether or not they "feel" these changes is another matter altogether.

It is my belief and experience that such expanded energy states are transformational. Such expanded states produce out-of-body experiences and great clearings and healings, both for the individual and for those inclined to share it, and finally for the planet, too. I feel truly fortunate to have discovered both ORMUS and hemi-synch. Perhaps it is the "X Factor" that David Icke talks about...

Recently a series of Kirlian “Aura Photos” were taken before and 30 minutes after after ingestion of 12 ounces of CHEROKEE TEARS magnetic trap water. Results were startling; an example appears at the top of this page.

My point, of course, is that believe it or not this ORMUS water is doing something as demonstrated by the documented 22-channel eeg showing whole brain coherent synchronization while in an awake state from a simple glass of water. The implications to clinical medicine, to personal transformation, to healing and peacemaking and even personal and planetary ascension are stunning and mean ORMUS and the rediscovery of its existence and its production are the most important and significant discoveries in the history of mankind.

I think of ORMUS as a fuel additive; it is not the fuel, not the journey, not the destination.