ORMUS/ORMEs, short for David Hudson's "Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements," is the acronym used to refer to so-called High-spin state monoatomic and diatomic elements of the precious metal and platinum metal group, and others. ORMUS/ORMEs, Star Fire Gold, M-state, WPG, "White Powder Gold", Universal Medicine, Philosopher's Stone, Manna-- called many things--is all around and free for the making and taking: in the air, in the sea, in fresh water, in essential oils, in certain foods.... And it is concentrated in north Georgia mountain spring water. Mother Nature does it best, and has done it for a long, long time.

ORMUS in its various forms is the Manna spoken of in the Bible, the "Food of the Gods" spoken of in ancient texts, the Philosopher's Stone of the medieval alchemists, the "Bread of the Presence" spoken of by David Hudson,the ancient Egyptian Shewbread in the Scrolls of Anni and temple hieroglyphics. These substances cause demonstrable changes in the brain waves associated with out of body experience, bilocation, and levitation, among other psi experiences. The knowledge has been rediscovered and shared by David Hudson, and more recently Barry Carter with all who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see. It truly seems too good to be true, and right before our eyes all along!

At Cherokee Gold we manufacture and sell Magnetic Vortex Water Traps for extracting your own ORMEs/ORMUS colloids from your own water source, as well as spring water concentrated with ORMEs/ORMUS colloids from North Georgia's famous springs. Dahlonega, which means "yellow gold" in Cherokee, was the site of the FIRST US Gold Rush, in 1826, which predates California by almost twenty-five years. There are still operating gold mines and people panning in the Lumpkin County streams and rivers today, and it is believed there is more gold still in the ground and waters in Lumpkin County than California and Alaska combined! The famous "Thar's Gold in Them Thar' Hills" speech was given in Dahlonega, and was referring to North Georgia, not California. And the purest gold on the planet comes from, yes, Dahlonega in north Georgia, USA: 24 carat out of the ground.

Ultimately I hope to inspire you to make your own. The very best for you is made by yourself; the alchemist is a most important ingredient. Masters create and inspire others to be Masters, not just customers.

"The kingdom of heaven is before your eyes, but you do not see it." from The Gospel of Thomas the Apostle

Your way through the narrow gate. Fasten your seat belt.


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